Back in 2016, in a field in Northampton, for the annual piss up that is Edition 38, I (@makeatom), was sat with a few friends while the warm beers flowed, the smell of burnt BBQ food lingered and we were laughing at the queue for an utter shit show of a brand to buy the latest crappy slogan tee. We joked about the cult-like following, blindly buying into whatever their cult leader had put no effort into just because of the brand name on the label.

This got me thinking, maybe I could make a cult. A little bit of a less extreme one for sure, but create something that my friends could get behind and be in on the joke and just see where it went.

Well, as you can see, 5+ years later and Makea is what you see today, a fully fledged brand, podcast and international members club for like minded enthusiasts.

Oh and for those wondering, it is MACK EEE YAH not MAKE A and if we are talking about the Cvlt, thats just a pointy U...