Ultimate Dubs 2023

Ultimate Dubs 2023

Words and photos by @twenty3th

Doesn’t seem like a whole year since the last season opener but here we are again, back in dreary old Telford ready to be hit by some of the best cars the UK has to offer. Ultimate Dubs is one of those shows that is hard to miss, the excuse to catch up with those people you probably haven’t seen since Ultimate Stance in November, to see the builds that have been hurriedly finished to take pride of place inside one of the International Centres halls and of course, to just shake that winter depression and remind yourself that summer is on it’s way!

This year we sent Dan (@twenty3th) to cover the show for us and here’s what he had to say!

Although aimed towards VAG cars, Dubs seemingly opened their doors to a larger crowd this year, with some BMWs, a Jaguar and a Toyota being thrown into the mix. 

Speaking of Jaguar, the singular F-Type sat on some Rotiform DTMs was a pleasant surprise. Not a typical car in the scene, but more need to be played around with. Just because it hasn't been done before doesn't mean it can’t be done. 


The handful of BMWs in the show had their own appeal, but my attention landed on the bagged E36 in the back car park. “Show Queen” is not the correct description for this car, with heavily used Style 5 wheels filling the arches, and also crunching them into rust. Daily driven show car? Maybe. 


I can’t talk about Ultimate Dubs and not mention the most controversial Polo to ever grace the Telford International Centre. Once upon a time a regular Polo, now sporting a full WRC widebody moulded to the car. On bags, sitting on OZ Futuras, with a 1.8T sat in the bay. Can’t forget the one-off open-air conversion and the bright purple paint. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but you can’t argue with the craftsmanship. Next level.


We will let the rest of Dan’s content do the talking and you can see even more of his work over on instagram @twenty3th. See you all at Tucked at the Museum!

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